Saturday, May 13, 2006

Magister Artium!

The Magister Artium, Magister in Artibus or Master of Arts degree is an academic degree of medieval origin, which has later acquired different characteristics in different educational systems. -Wikipedia

Not quite sure where the whole "medievel origin" thing came from, but now I have joined the ranks of those with a Master of Arts degree. Mine just happens to be from the wonderful world known as Texas Tech University, and more specifically, the College of Mass Communications.

I seriously got that Double T logo from a Web site called Not kidding.

Grad school was quite the experience, I suppose. I think mostly I will remember how you can get away with turning in basically the same paper in every class if you play your cards right. Mostly. Then there was the "College Debauchery" Part Two. I didn't party like I did in undergrad, but Amanda and I had our share of drunken shenanigans (several at school-sponsored functions with free alcohol). We also had our share of sober ones... but I don't remember them. ;o)

I have to say that I'm glad to be finished. Now I just need a job in TAFKAS... and I don't want another job as a basement troll, either.


Amanda said...

Welcome to the top secret club of people with M.A's in MCOM from TTU. I'll teach you the secret hand shake the next time I see you.

Sack said...

Roy Boatner said to pass his congratulations on to you. Roy, Trish and the kids are all very proud of you, and they look forward to seeing you over Memorial Day weekend.

Les said...

Congratulations Fave!! I have such smart friends!

Maud said...

Big trip planned? Have fun. Wish I was in D. Enjoy the blue bonnets!