Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Text messaging is the DEVIL.

So I wanted to see how much my next Sprint bill was going to be now that I am gay for text messaging like I was a little over a year ago. I never used to go over 50 messages, including the ones sent to me, so it was never worth me spending the $5 or whatever it is for unlimited text messaging. Well, now it is.

My next Sprint bill is going to be almost twice as much as it usually is. *sigh* Text messaging, why do I love thee so? I'll tell you why: Text messaging is far less intrusive than a phone call and you never have awkward silences, or a feeling that you have to "catch up" with someone when you just wanted to ask a simple question. If you don't have something to say, you have that option. If you're not quite sure what you want to say, you have time to conger up a proper reply.

On my phone, the text message alert is far less obnoxious than the ringer for the phone, which is a great feature when you have friends in other time zones who like to text you at 5 a.m. MST.

Anyways, I refuse to stop texting. I think when I'm in TAFKAS on Friday I'm going to drop in a Sprint store so I can get treated like shit and have unlimited texting added to my plan. All I need now is one of those sweet phones with a keyboard...


Sack said...

Hmmmm...maybe text messages are why my supposed $50 per month plan is running $80-90 per month.

Sarah said...

Yeah, that would be my problem as well. Apparently it is $.10 to send one and $.10 to receive one.

Amanda said...

It's all about the sidekick baby! Text messaging in SOOO easy - actually almost easier than talking to someone for real. Sometimes I text message my roomate in the other room to bring me things. I LOVE IT

Maud said...

Maybe if Sarah and Sack wouldn't send eachother so many damn texts they wouldn't have $90 cell phone bills.

DATELINE: Sunday 10:30 am, Frontier Restaurant ----------------------------------------
To: Jeff
From: Sarah
We just saw Freddy Princ Jr.
To: Sarah
From: Jeff
Thats neat!
To: Jeff
From Sarah
We thought so too!
To: Sarah
From Jeff
You're funny!

Maud and Eve (making puking noise with finger down throat)

Sack said...


You are a turd.

Sarah said...

The funny thing is, that's sort of how it went except for the "conversation" ended up being about how Phil the Rock Man went to prom with Freddie Prinze Jr. and then how they co-wrote Brokeback Mountain while taking a bubble bath.

Gawd, I AM funny (and so is Sack)! Thanks, Maud! ;o)

Sack said...

That still cracks me up. I'm going to ask Phil the Rock Man why he and FPJ don't hang out anymore. You guys have to check this out:

Sarah said...

We're not the only ones. Jeff actually got CUT OFF by Sprint because he had like exceeded his credit limit with them.

Amanda said...

Okay, not to be the unoffical spokesperson of T-mobile, but I'm tell you it's the best deal by far. I pay $65 a month including taxes for unlimited texts and e-mail and other webservices (the Sidekick package) AND I get 1500 phone minutes. I've yet to come even close to going over my minutes. It's AWESOME

Sarah said...

Amanda, you and Catherine Zeta-Jones should start a club called "Fans of T-Mobile and Michael Douglas".

You may be on to something, though. I don't even think I know where to start with changing my cell service, though. I've had my Sprint phone for like 36 years.