Sunday, October 07, 2007

Don't Worry, I Still Think Nickelback Sucks

No, I haven't blogged in a long, long stretch, but please rest assured that I still strongly believe Nickelback sucks. And I stand by the musings in my last blog concerning "newer" bands with names starting with "The".

Speaking of, I am so fortunate to have my former life partner in our Nation's Capitol looking out for my musical interests, and informing me that The Bravery are playing there at the end of October with tickets available for the low low price of only $25 (and Straylight Run is opening, so LUCKY). My trip has been pending (for well over a year) and is now scheduled. So look out D.C. and hot hot Sam Endicott. I CAN'T WAIT.

Ok, so clearly opposite of my future fourth ex-husband Sam is Jackie McKeown of 1990s (this is the name of the band). Their single "You're Supposed To Be My Friend" pretty much rocks and the video is effing hilarious (so check it out). Now, Jackie is fugly, and we know how I have a problem with fugly stars spotlighting their genealogical misgivings in my face on TV (please reference a blog from last year about Death Cab for Cutie). He quite literally looks like the lovechild of Shelly Duvall (The Shining) and Steve Buschemi (while Chad Kroeger looks like the lovechild of the Cowardly Lion from The Wizard of Oz and Danny Bonaduce). And for you Dallas friends, 1990s are playing on November 14 at The Palladium Ballroom, so I highly advise wearing your Fugly Protectivewear (whatever that may be) when you attend. And you should attend.

What else... Yeah, that's all I'm feelin' right now. It was an arduous summer sans Internet, so I didn't blog. Now I should be back to my normal, Internet-addicted life. I look forward to entertaining the three of you with minutes of jaded ramblings again.


Jaime said...

HAHA, great to have you back Wheels! I was thinking that you weren't alive anymore! Now that your back, I know I'm going to become an internet addict as well! And I have to agree with this and your previous blogs on all accounts. Just FYI.

Sarah said...

Thanks for your support, Jaime! We need as many people aboard the "Nickelback Sucks" movement as possible! :o)

Jaime said...

HAHA, well if your the president, then I'm the VP!