Wednesday, February 07, 2007

TV is life.

Life sans cable is barely livable. Days like this (i.e. my days off when I don't have many errands to run, etc.) make me want to claw my eyes out. If I had money, I'd be at Target (and then I'd watch TV later). If my eyes weren't burning and I didn't have a lingering sinus headache from this cold I'm getting over, I might read. The boredom has caused lethargy and all I want to do is watch some flipping A&E (or Bravo if they're showing Top Chef or Project Runway reruns).

I don't feel inspired to write about anything of consequence, unless you all are interested in hearing about how sometimes I park in my parking garage and start to walk to my apartment until I get this very "The Shining" feeling and realize I'm walking down the corridor of the third level, when I live on the fourth... When I figure it out, I'm always waiting for two little girls to start pedaling after me on their plastic three-wheelers.

Being broke and not having cable really sucks. I should probably start donating plasma so I can at least get some basic channels to flip between and a sweet scar on my arm...

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