Thursday, February 01, 2007

I need help.

So most of you know that pretty much my only passion (if you can call it that) is writing. I do it for fun, when I'm bored, when I'm angry (or sad, clearly), when I think something is amusing and/or confusing, etc. Anyways, so I need to narrow it down a tick so I can start writing for the riz-eal, get my stuff out, and if my Karma turns around, get paid for doing what I totally heart.

So how can I narrow it down? Many of you who read my MySpace blog haven't (or won't) read my Blogspot blog, and vice-versa, but fortunately since like September or something of last year, they contain the same posts. Now before that, I have humorous postings about Ruidoso, music, fashion, bartending and waiting tables, grad school, etc. on the Blogspot blog. I could blog leagues (yes, I just used a nautical measurement to describe writing) about love and relationships a la Carrie Bradshaw, but I don't want my family reading the sordid (or lack thereof) details of my personal life (or lack thereof). I have secrets... from everyone except my mom, so if you want to know anything about me, ask her. Somehow she's managed to know me better than I know myself...

What do you think? If I keep writing about Matt, he's going to kick my ass eventually. Those writings and others yet to be may someday be a book, but for now I'd like to focus on something people want to read (unless someone knows about a magazine for the bereaved...).

Should I stop caring about what my dad might think and start writing about relationships? Should I get Fuse and start writing about how Jared Leto needs to choose between music and acting? Should I blog about Starbucks and the fleecing of America (hahaha)? My dog?

I highly value your opinion. Thank you.


Ty said...

You should probably get a 100% anonymous blog. Ask people who want to read it to e-mail you and tell them that you will e-mail them back with the new blog address. Use a fake name, fake e-mail address (with the fake name) etc. And then write whatever you want. Then you can write about Starbucks...err...I mean that coffee house place...or your relationships or you, without too much fear. Just remember that whatever is put on the web stays there forever. Thank you WayBack Machine!

Jaime said...

Wheels, I also enjoy your writings about anything and everything. I think writing is about what you are feeling about when your doing it. It's not about writing for an audience. Sure, when you start making the big bucks, then you might have to write a little here and there for the company. But for now, write whatever is in your heart! That way you still enjoy writing, and don't start looking at it as a profession!