Tuesday, September 19, 2006


So if you didn't get the memo, I am in Albuquerque (a.k.a. The Artist Formerly Known as Steve) because my mom has come down with a very nasty case of pneumonia. I am currently escaping the beeping of the computer she's hooked up to at the Flying Star with a massive headache. So I could blog about a lot of things so far regarding this trip, including but not limited to catheters, my faintness at the sight of blood, my frustration with my family, the love-hate relationship I have with nurses and doctors, and sub par healthcare. I'd like to touch on the last one and elaborate more specifically on where I am and why I blame this place for my issues. So here are my reasons why I hate the University of New Mexico Hospital, and more (or less) specifically, UNM.

1. Hippies
2. Average student age of 57
3. Hippies growing at a rate of three per hour
4. Lobo (or "Puppy", as the Colonel would say) sports
5. Adobe housing infecting the area surrounding campus
6. Hippies crossing the street
7. Ugly people
8. Construction
9. Movie and/or mini series filming keeping me from getting to Starbucks
10. Hippies in their cars
11. Hippies on bikes
12. I am an Aggie and therefore will hate UNM until the day I die
13. UNM is in Albuquerque and not Las Cruces, which means it is automatically inferior
14. Do I have to say "hippies" again?

Seriously, I have never spent this much time around the UNM campus and now I see more clearly why NMSU is far superior in every aspect possible to UNM. More later, friends...


Jaime said...

Preach on sista, preach on! Can I get an AMEN from the congregation?!?

Maud said...

You didn't explain how wonderful you feel each morning @ 6am when your glorious sleep is inturupted by Austin running up the stairs... down the stairs... up the stairs....

Well, you get the picture!

Sarah said...

Austin cracks me up... he's like a little white afro with legs that runs and jumps around!

I'm just glad you and Eve are putting up with me, Maud! :o)


Sack said...

15. Drive-by shootings are a legitimate fear on the south end of campus.

16. Hippies protesting something idiotic (i.e. wheat subsidies in Delaware).

17. The mud huts that litter that sh*thole of a campus.

18. "Universidad de Nuevo Mexico" stickers.

19. Using a rabies-carrying, mange-having, four-legged piece of garbage as a mascot.

20. School colors that designed to imitate the front and back of a brand new stop sign.

Jordan said...


Anonymous said...

Wow, seems like Las Cruces people are stupider than I originally imagined.

Anonymous said...

Aggies suck!

Anonymous said...

ur a freaking idiot.